Arlington, Texas
October 28-31, 2019

Mark Haen

With nearly 30 years of concrete coatings experience, Mark Haen is a partner with Tenec Coatings, a specialty epoxy and polishing company in Phoenix, Arizona. Prior to joining Tenec, he was the national trainer for ICP, handled technical sales for Arizona Polymer Flooring, and owned and operated another coating contracting business. His specialty is working with polymer cement coatings and epoxy finishes.

Mark has received numerous accolades for his work, including the Artistry in Concrete award from the World of Concrete in 2003. He has also been an instrumental artisan during the recent Decorative Concrete LIVE! exhibits at WOC. He worked directly with Bob Harris to launch Decorative Concrete Institute West in 2006, a training and mentoring program for the Decorative Concrete Institute.

With a bachelor’s degree in business and communications from Arizona State University, Mark has done hundreds of trainings for several different manufacturers and distributors.

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