Arlington, Texas
October 28-31, 2019

Technical Seminars

The demand for decorative concrete is heating up. Gain knowledge and exposure to new trends, decorative concrete products and resources that you can use to grow your business. Here the list of technical seminars being conducted at the 2019 Concrete Decor Show. All courses included with Full-Conference Registration.

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ICFs Answer the Call for an Energy-Minded Society

Time and Date: Monday Oct. 28, 10 a.m. Room: Champions I
Presenter: Glen Klassen of Fox Blocks

Concrete, with all its colors and textures, has quickly become the finish of choice for new construction and renovation projects. Along with looking good, it’s also one of the best materials for creating an energy-efficient building envelope. Today, a growing number of cities are requiring homeowners to have an energy audit performed before they can put their house up for sale. It has to do with the fact that electrical energy is no longer an unlimited resource. Energy demands are growing and along with them the need to move away from traditional construction practices.

Enter the insulated concrete form (ICF) building solution. These systems encapsulate concrete in a polystyrene form that drastically reduces thermal energy transfer. In addition to contributing much to faster building times for residential and commercial low-rise construction projects, ICFs will arm you with the material you need to move your business and customers into the long-term solution for energy efficiency in both hot and cold climates. Numerous examples of ICF building projects, application challenges, best practices and commonly asked questions will be covered in this inspiring introduction to ICF construction.

The Secrets of a Decorative Concrete Entrepreneur

Time and Date: Mon., Oct. 28, 1 p.m. Room: Champions I
Presenter: Karen Keyes of The Art of Concrete LLC

Starting a company today is completely different than it was 15-20 years ago, especially if you want to compete for commercial jobs. Business etiquette extends beyond a handshake and a job well done. Karen Keyes will navigate the audience through survival techniques involved with starting or expanding a decorative concrete business. She’ll provide a roadmap based on real- life experiences, triumphs and failures. Not only are there the struggles of financing, insurance and piles of paperwork, but today’s world includes the additional challenges and benefits of technology integration.
This presentation will be broken into three segments:
• Top survival tips for new companies — what works and what doesn’t.
• How to integrate technology into our tangible industry.
• Why and how we all must collaborate to contribute to our industry’s success.

Designing and Specifying Decorative Concrete

Time and Date: Mon., Oct. 28, 3 p.m. Room: Champions I
Presenters: Chris Klemaske of Sundek Products Inc. and Byron Klemaske of T.B. Penick & Sons

Sponsored by Sundek Products Inc.

As lead designers for many of our nation’s prominent architectural and decorative concrete projects, Sundek’s new director of commercial development, Chris Klemaske, and Byron Klemaske, executive vice president of T.B. Penick & Sons, will discuss award-winning hardscaping projects that highlight a diverse range of color, design and product applications for both new construction and renovations. You’ll gain a clear understanding of the contractor’s role starting with a concept for the project on through project management while learning ways to address design challenges and coordinate ongoing customer input. The Klemaskes will share some frantic moments, some fun situations and valuable insights on what it takes to make a satisfied customer. Whether you apply or specify decorative concrete, you’ll take away valuable new tools and a perspective that ensure your projects earn that added measure of success.

Building and Designing Sizzling Outdoor Kitchens

Time and Date: Tues., Oct. 29, 8 a.m. Room: Champions I
Presenter: Scott Cohen of The Green Scene Landscaping & Pools

With the guidance of HGTV’s sizzling outdoor kitchen designer Scott Cohen, participants will learn how to design, build and polish cast-in-place decorative concrete barbecue counters, bars and outdoor kitchens and incorporate colorful accents such as glass embeds and lighting. Scott will discuss industry standards for counter heights, size and placement and share design secrets, popular configurations and must-have appliances for your outdoor kitchen. This class is for
beginner to intermediate concrete contractors.

Polishing 101

Time and Date: Tues., Oct. 29, 8 a.m. Room: Champions II
Presenter: Adrian Henry of NexSystems Surfaces 

Back by popular demand, this introduction to polishing class presented by one of the nation’s top polishing contractors will show you how to build a profitable polishing business. You’ll learn the fundamentals of grinding and polishing concrete, including planning, outlining and running jobs, as well as how to improve productivity and profitability by planning more efficient work sequences. The course will also introduce you to coloring and sealing concrete polishing. Specific topics include polishing edges and corners, selecting tooling, wet versus dry grinding, understanding levels of sheen, choosing densifiers, handling cracks and imperfections, troubleshooting, sequencing polishing and coloring, and maintenance.

Make a Splash with Decorative Concrete Around Swimming Pools

Time and Date: Tues., Oct. 29, 10 a.m. Room: Champions I
Presenter: Scott Cohen of The Green Scene Landscaping & Pools

With particular emphasis on special considerations contractors should take when installing decorative concrete around swimming pools, Scott Cohen will share his insights gathered from 25 years’ experience as an award-winning landscape, pool and general contractor. Participants will learn tips on how to successfully cast concrete coping, isolate the shotcrete bond beam and properly bond the deck. He’ll also delve into design sizing, special drainage options and skimmer lids. On the decorative side, Scott will discuss casting waterfalls, fire features, swim-up bars, and built-in tables, chess boards and other pool furniture.

Confronting Common Failures in the Acid Stain Process

Time and Date: Tues., Oct. 29, 10 a.m. Room: Champions II
Presenter: Federico Jasso of Servicios Proconsa SA de CV

Taught by a contractor with nearly 20 years of experience in staining and protecting concrete on large and medium-sized commercial and residential projects, this class will cover common failures in the acid stain process. Topics will be organized by technique and concept, and will cover common mistakes in concrete surface preparation including how to prevent, detect and remedy problems whether they’re your own or from a predecessor’s “failing job.” The complete application process will be discussed step-by-step. Surface protection and maintenance programs will also be covered.

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Enfrentando Fallas Comunes en el Proceso de Tinción Ácida

Time and Date: Tues., Oct. 29, 3 p.m. Room: Champions II
Presenter: Federico Jasso of Servicios Proconsa SA de CV

Impartido por Federico Jasso, contratista con más de 20 años de experiencia aplicando el sistema oxidación del concreto (Acid Stain) y sistemas de protección como selladores, ceras, y densificadores en obras residenciales y comerciales de mayor gran escala. Esta clase cubrirá las fallas más comunes en el proceso de oxidación del concreto (Acid Stain).

Los temas se organizarán por cada uno de los conceptos principales que componen el Sistema de oxidación:
1) Especificación y cuidados en la superficie.
2) Proceso de aplicación del oxidante (Acid Stain).
3) Selección y aplicación de sistema de protección de la superficie.
4) Mantenimiento.

La clase cubrirá el proceso de aplicación paso a paso y explicará a detalle cómo detectar, prevenir y reparar los problemas más frecuentes. Además, incluye la selección adecuada de la protección de la superficie y programas de mantenimiento para cada uno de los diferentes tipos de protección.

Speaking to the Strengths of Polished Concrete

Time and Date: Tues., Oct. 29, 1 p.m. Room: Champions I
Presenters: Award-winning Architect Sloan Harris of VLK Architects and David Stephenson of Retail Polishing Management

Architects that specify polished concrete for a building project have several reasons for their choice. As acclaimed architect Sloan Harris of VLK Architects puts it, “We find concrete to deliver value we cannot find in other building materials. We love what it delivers, but unless it aligns with our standards and the needs of our customers it’s off the table.”

With more than 100 new schools and numerous commercial projects under his belt, Harris along with concrete industry expert David Stephenson will share the formulas for some of the most notable award-winning projects. You’ll learn about the ways decorative concrete has changed how schools are built, the challenges that arise, how issues are overcome and why three- and four-step polishing processes are used. Attendees will take away valuable insights that speak to the strengths of polished concrete, how to sell it to customers and best practices for managing customer expectations.

Get in the Know with Architectural Exposed Concrete Finishes

Time and Date: Tues. Oct. 29, 1:00 p.m. Room: Champions II
Presenter: Brian Farnsworth of Cement Colors

Although concrete flooring imprinted to mimic finishes such as stone, wood and tile isn’t going away any time soon, exposed finishes revealing the natural beauty concrete offers are gaining ground as architects and contractors realize their design possibilities. This class will focus on the latest technology relating to high-end exposed finishes and give attendees installation techniques to achieve success on the job. Attendees will learn how to time the exposed pour, when to apply chemicals and when to wash. Methods covered will include sand-finished concrete, wet-on-wet exposed and exposed aggregate with color hardeners. Instructor will cover products, tools and mix design needed to achieve these finishes, as well as how to seal and maintain exposed finishes.

High-Performance Coatings and Sealers for Industrial and Decorative Concrete

Time and Date:  Tues., Oct. 29, 3 p.m. Room: Champions I
Presenter: Steven Reinstadtler of Covestro

The history and basic science behind modern polyurethane and polyaspartic technology will be explored, particularly focusing on high-performance coatings and sealers based on 1K and 2K polyurethane and 2K polyaspartic resins. These sustainable coatings and sealers comply with green building standards, offer excellent color and gloss retention, and resist abrasions, scratches and chemicals. Attendees will leave with an understanding of desired traits, surface prep and proper application associated with these coating technologies, safe-use and handling requirements, and a variety of end-use applications. Case studies, both new and many years old, will be discussed.

Polishable Overlays: Keys to Consistent Success

Time and Date: Wed., Oct. 30, 8:00 a.m. Room: Champions II
Presenter: Jason Ryan

Polishable self-leveling overlays can often present unforeseen challenges and frustration to even the most experienced crews. The overlays’ sensitivity and volatility lead to many installers viewing them as a liability. This course will offer a comprehensive examination of the environmental variables that can compromise a polished overlay project, as well as the steps and best practices required for a proper installation. Understanding these variables along with methods that can be used to eliminate or accommodate them are at the core of this insightful focus. Together with practical insights from an experienced polishing contractor, the presenter will outline finishing methods for the various types of overlays as well as how these processes differ from that of traditional concrete. The objective of this course is to help prepare contractors overcome inevitable challenges with these high-demand flooring solutions that are so in-demand today.

The Decorative Concrete Contractor’s Blueprint to Dominate Instagram

Time and Date: Wed., Oct. 30, 8:00 a.m. Room: Champions III
Presenter: Danny Barrera of Concrete Marketing Crew

Learn how to capitalize from the 1 billion+ users of the planet’s most engaged visual media platform, Instagram. Even if you’ve never used Instagram before, you’ll learn a proven plan to get the most out of your personal and business Instagram account. Whether you’re a product manufacturer, a brand-new decorative concrete contractor or an established decorative concrete business, you’ll walk away with all the strategies you need to gain momentum, attract more followers, increase engagement and get more business from Instagram.

You will learn:
   – What Is The New Instagram Algorithm
   – How To Use Hashtags The Right Way
   – How to Create Engaging Content That Your Audience Loves
   – Getting Personal With Instagram Stories
   – How To Leverage IGTV To Set You As An Authority
   – All The Apps You Need To Manage & Edit Your Social Media Content

Coatings for Concrete: One Type Does Not Fit All

Time and Date: Wed., Oct. 30, 10 a.m. Room: Champions I
Presenter: Mark Haen of Tenec Coatings

Restoration of nonstructural concrete applications, indoors or outdoors, begins with a clear understanding of today’s concrete coating products. In this presentation, you’ll get to know these products with firsthand examples of where and why they’re best used. Evaluating job-site conditions, addressing repairs, setting customer expectations, and completing projects in a timely and profitable fashion will be your take-away from this insightful class. Topics covered include money-making tips on choosing the proper coating system, deciding which systems best fit your company, evaluating necessary skill sets, and why essential maintenance programs are profit centers.

Sales & Marketing: Price and Value Are Two Different Animals

Time and Date: Wed., Oct. 30, 10 a.m. Room: Champions II
Presenters: Jeff Wells of Sundek Products Inc. and Karen Keyes of The Art of Concrete LLC

As billionaire Warren Buffett puts it, “Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.” Concrete veteran Jeff Wells and entrepreneur Karen Keyes will discuss methods you can use that will help customers better understand the difference between the two — the true cost of your product and the true value your company provides. The class will cover traditional marketing, business development techniques and the importance of one-on-one presentations. Establishing relationships with all project team-members (architects, contractors, engineers and owners) will help you better understand customers’ needs and wants and reiterate the true value of the product you’re offering. This approach will open doors to you with early engagement on a project to help ensure your company has a greater chance of negotiating more work and the customer receives the best value, best service and the best end-product.

Surface Refinement for Polished Concrete

Time and Date: Thurs., Oct. 31, 8 a.m. Room: Champions I
Presenter: Clark Branum of Diamatic USA

This class will define surface refinement in detail and cover ways to fully achieve it. Participants will learn how to measure surface refinement, how to determine which measurements are useful to a contractor and which ones are not, and how to use these measurements in a specification or on a job site. Contributing factors to surface refinement will be discussed, including polishing treatments, process steps and concrete mix design. This presentation also will include a quick overview of emerging industry standards and updates from the Concrete Polishing Council and ACI 310 – Decorative Concrete, a joint committee of the American Concrete Institute and the American Society of Concrete Contractors. Instructor Clark Branum is the committee chair.

Public Art – Get the Winning Hand with Public Works Projects

Time and Date: Thurs., Oct. 31, 8 a.m. Room: Champions II
Presenter: Robin Brailsford of Brailsford Public Art

In today’s public works projects, art is commonplace and, often, so is concrete. While decorative concrete professionals may see the two going hand in hand, decision makers field multiple proposals for ways to spend allocated monies for public art. This presentation by artist and LithoMosaic patent holder, Robin Brailsford, will discuss the role of the decorative concrete professional in creating collaborations that increasingly move decision makers toward decorative concrete. Many of the winning combinations along with project pitfalls will be discussed in this presentation for those who want to increase their company’s visibility with high-profile public works projects.

Un Plano Para Dominar Instagram Para El Contratista De Concreto Decorativo

Time and Date: Thurs., Oct. 31, 8 a.m. Room: Champions III
Presenter: Danny Barrera of Concrete Marketing Crew

Aprenda a capitalizar usando la plataforma vista por más de 1 billion+ de personas diariamente… Instagram. Aun si nunca ha usado Instagram, aprenderás un plan probado para aprovechar al máximo de tu cuenta personal y de negocio en Instagram. No importa si eres un fabricante de productos, recientemente empezaste un negocio de concreto decorativo, o eres una empresa establecida de concreto decorativo, saldrás con todas las estrategias necesarias para crecer, atraer más seguidores y aumentar el número de seguidores que se relacionan personalmente contigo a través de Instagram, al igual que usar Instagram para obtener mas trabajos.

Que aprenderás en este curso:
     – Cual Es El Nuevo Algoritmo De Instagram
     – Como Usar Hashtags Correctamente
     – Como Crear Contenido Interesante Que Tu Audiencia Ame
     – Como Usar Las Historias en Instagram Para Hablar Mas Personalmente
     – Como Usar IGTV Para Posicionarte Como Una Autoridad En Tu Negocio
     – Todos los apps que necesites para administrar y editar tu contenido en Instagram

Sealer Selection Can Make or Break Job Satisfaction

Time and Date: Thurs., Oct. 31, 10 a.m. Room: Champions I
Presenters: Chris Sullivan of ChemSystems

Selecting the right sealer can make the difference in customer satisfaction. Planning for the long-term protection and maintenance of finished concrete surfaces should be a critical part of any project’s design and placement process. As part of this plan, sealers are often applied as a protective layer. However, they also intensify colors, accent textures and produce finishes ranging from matte to high gloss. This seminar will explain the different concrete sealer options, provide a basic understanding of their makeup, explore the pros and cons of each, and present guidelines for sealer selection. It will also cover application methods and troubleshooting.

Concrete Mix Design – The Contractor’s Guide to On-site Concrete Chemistry

Time and Date: Thurs., Oct. 31, 10 a.m. Room: Champions II
Presenters: David Ojeda of Fritz-Pak Corp.

Ready-mix concrete can seldomly avoid obstacles in its efforts to deliver the perfect batch to a job site. So, when it comes to delivering a load of concrete for architectural and decorative applications, it’s imperative to have every available tool on hand to ensure the placed concrete results in a finish that achieves customer expectations while meeting industry standards. This presentation looks at concrete’s geographic challenges, common mishaps at the plant and chemical additives. It will also cover tips on how to keep a mix design in check at the time of placement. Small scale demos to be provided, with time for Q&As.

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