Arlington, Texas
October 28-31, 2019

David Stephenson

David Stephenson is president of The RPM Group, a large national flooring installer with offices across the country. David is based in Dallas, Texas. Prior to his position with RPM, he was president of Polished Concrete Consultants, a full-service firm specializing in helping large retailers create, revitalize or rescue their polishing programs. PCC also provides specification creation, concrete place and finish reviews, testing services and troubleshooting of concrete issues for companies around the globe. David prides himself in being able to troubleshoot almost any situation that can arise related to concrete on a construction site.

Throughout his career in the concrete industry that began in 2000, David has impacted the decorative concrete industry is multiple ways. He has started contracting companies that installed millions of feet of decorative concrete floors and has owned several manufacturing companies that made products that changed the industry. Several inventions specifically worked to transition the polished concrete industry from a mainly industrial flooring option to an architecturally desired floor finish. He has stained, sealed, dyed and polished millions of square feet of floors in stadiums, museums, grocery stores, schools, office buildings, industrial projects, municipal facilities and airports.

As both a contractor and a supplier, David has had the privilege of working with most of the major manufacturers in the decorative concrete industry. As a result of these relationships, he has a unique knowledge of chemicals and their applications to decorative concrete, and is well versed with the current tooling and machinery available today.

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