Arlington, Texas
October 28-31, 2019

Manufacturer Demos

At the Concrete Decor Show, manufacturers have the option of showcasing their products in action within their booth space, on a specially designated demo slab inside the convention center or during workshops where participants try out their products during educational sessions guided by seasoned trainers.

Throughout the show, demonstrations inside the exhibit hall will feature select supply store teams using exhibitors’ products to display the many ways decorative and architectural concrete can be used on horizontal and vertical applications to support a more energy-efficient building method.

In addition to presenting their goods to visitors in the exhibit hall, manufacturers also will have the opportunity to teach contractors eager to learn more about the benefits of keeping up with the latest energy-efficient developments through educational sessions. These industry-leading seminars and hands-on workshops are a great way for participating manufacturers to reap value-added exposure for their companies through action as well as words.

Schedule of Demos

Selecting the Right Sealer for the Job

Time and Date: Thurs., Oct. 31, 12:15 p.m.
Demonstrator: Brian Farnsworth of Cement Colors

The proper installation of decorative concrete sealers will enhance and protect architectural concrete surfaces for years. Understanding these core sealers and how to marry them to a specified system is key to a decorative concrete contractor’s long-term success. The variety of sealers and finishes available are only now being realized, with large growth potential in the future. This live demonstration will feature various decorative concrete sealers installed over cutting-edge and trending architectural finishes.

Key focus areas include:
• Water-based acrylic-urethanes installed over traditional imprinted concrete.
• Water-based and solvent-based penetrating sealers installed over architectural exposed finishes like sand-finish concrete and Aggretex, an exposed-glass system.
• Hybrid sealers designed to enhance color without creating a membrane.
• High-performance coatings over chemically stained concrete.

All these sealers and finishes will be applied with an emphasis on trending design elements as well as long-term durability in all climates.

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